Software Development

You can depend on us to provide solutions that create intelligence from data using successful methodology, our technology and expertise.
We provide affordable scalable solutions to maximize ROI. Reduce your risk of building solutions that don't work by partnering with our interdisciplinary team. YieldWise can be the "missing link" between your IT and business departments. Our professionals will help you balance your business objectives with your technology needs to optimize business performance.

  • Data Warehousing systems --the development of data warehousing systems is based on the SAS System and own rapid applications development and data mining technologies, described in the "Table-Driven Strategies for Rapid SAS Applications Development" and "Programming Techniques for Object-Based Statistical Analysis with SAS Software" books written by YieldWise, Inc experts. Such systems work in the Intranet/Internet environment and focus on the management, organization, and exploitation of data used to support decision-making.
  • Development of analytic and technical applications, which focus on areas such as design of experiments, sampling methods, survey analysis, quality improvement, process engineering and control, scientific visualization (including multidimensional scaling and parallel coordinates), image processing, and sophisticated statistical analysis. These applications provide the foundation for effective decision-making in research, engineering, or scientific environments.

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